la princesse a dit qu'elle se couche avec le monde...pas vrai! je me couche seulement avec toi!

sa cauti fara sa stii cine-i, si totusi sa fii sigura ca ai sa-l gasesti... printesa timp de o zi, tot timpul; un copil vesel care se joaca, rade si mai presus de toate, uita...

-adevarul se afla in cuvintele lui ca altcineva si in fotografiile pe care vi le face pe fuga tot el sau chiar timpul-

vineri, 20 noiembrie 2009

wouldnt it be a shame to leave her just the way you found her...

nici macar nu stii cum suna vocea mea cand mi-e pofta, sau cum ma stramb cand ceva miroase urat. nu stii nimic despre mine. si tocmai am visat ca ma intorceam la tine. tocmai am visat ca daca ma intorc ma intorc pentru tine. si tu o sa nu stii cine sunt cand o sa intru pe usa biroului tau. si eu o sa ma uit pe geam inspre filos. si tu o sa te uiti la mine. si degeaba. 

duminică, 15 noiembrie 2009

do a line for me, please

im not changing anything but scenery after scenery. the story remains the same though. and we are all getting bored of it. of putting up with people you loathe and falling for the ones who loathe you. arent we all getting a bit bored here? i left then and now its good, now im no one but i know i will return to be even a bigger curiosity than i was before. and i dont remember if i want it anymore. and i cannot put myself into following the tacit rules of social conduct, im so full of shit actually, im a mean fucked up bitch. and it was good to have people around you that have no idea but what happens when all of you comes stumbling upon all that pile of bullshit nice girl you ve built up. and when you unveil the ruthless logic of your twisted mind what then? cause im not mean, im just fucked up and i lack edges. i need you to draw a line for me, please. 

sâmbătă, 7 noiembrie 2009

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mda. imi este foarte dor. de mtine.